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Live Ice Carving Events

Our team of Ice Sculptors have been performing for over 25 years.  Our events attract a huge crowd.  With the loud sounds from a chainsaw and ice chips flying, they are always a big draw for adults and children alike.  From one to over a hundred blocks, we can make your event one worth remembering. 

Our interactive photo op ice sculptures are some of our most popular types of designs during events.  Giant ice slides, heavenly angels, strongmen and ice thrones fit for a king are some of our most popular.  We can also custom design a piece for your event.

We LOVE putting on a show for big crowds!  Our team performs at over 15 events a year.  We have the experience and knowledge to help you plan and execute a wonderful community event.  We have worked with many different volunteer organizations, local governments, and sponsors over the years.

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