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  • Dry Ice is sold by the pound.  We have a 10 pound minimum.

  • You should purchase Dry Ice the day you are going to use it.

  • 10 pounds will last you, in an insulated container, roughly 48 hours before it is completely evaporated.

  • When using Dry Ice for the Halloween fog effect, 10 pounds will last you 30 min.

  • The witches brew effect will net you an hour for each 10 pound piece.

  • For power outages, Dry Ice usage will vary based on style and size of your freezer/refrigerator.  Please contact us for recommendations on amounts.


  • For plastic tubs, use 15 pounds of ice per case of beverages

  • For insulated coolers, use 11 pounds of ice per case of beverages.

  • Start icing down 2-4 hours in advance.  This should last you the length of the party.

  • For large parties, (graduations, family reunions, birthdays),  use at least 12-15 of our 20 pound bags.

  • For ice in mixed drinks or beverages in cups, use 1.5-2 pounds of ice per person.

  • For longer trips, camping, or icing kegs, use our 12 pound blocks of ice.

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